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Use of fullerenes and fullerene blends

Prospects for the use of fullerenes are determined by their specific physical and chemical characteristics. Addition of small amounts of fullerenes can significantly change the properties of the modified material.

According to many experts advantages of fullerenes are particularly pronounced in the following practical applications:

Item # MAIN AREAS Fullerenes modified materials
1. Creation of new structural materials with unique properties for use in the construction of engineering structures and manufacture of personal protective equipment.
  • Woven materials for special purposes (tape, canvas, sails, ropes, heavy-duty thread) on the basis of fullerenes modified polymer molecules;
  • Polymer-impregnated concrete with increased strength and moisture resistance;
  • Light fibrous structures modified with fullerenes and nanostructures, used as reinforced sealing materials;
  • Heavy duty (harder than diamond) tips for special tools.
2. Improved performance of vehicles and other special mechanisms.
  • Additives to oils and greases, which dramatically increas the durability of friction pairs in machinery;
  • Antiwelding compositions for nodes operating under heavy loads;
  • Materials to reduce wear under dry friction;
  • Lubricating and cooling technological compounds that increase tool viability.
3. Preparation of new composite materials for electrical purposes.
  • Composite materials of high-current sliding electrical contacts with an increased service life;
  • Thermomodified electrode materials for chemical power sources;
  • Elements of superconducting structures based on fullerene intercalates.
4. Preparation of new composite materials for optical and electronic countermeasures.
  • Materials for anti-laser protective shields;
  • Materials of stealth technology for various purposes;
  • Materials for devices correlating laser images in observation systems and satellite data processing (high-resolution dynamic holograms);
  • Materials for diffraction demultiplexers in fiber-optic networks.
5. Creation of materials and microelectronic products for special purposes.
  • Materials for newest microsensors;
  • Thin film protective coatings of high resistance;
  • Inorganic resists of submicron resolution;
  • Electro-optical light modulators, including multi-channel and optical-to-optical modulators.
6. Development of new technologies in medicine.
  • Wound healing dressings.

It should be noted that the possible applications of fullerenes are not limited to the above, and their number is constantly expanding.

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