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What are fullerenes

Фуллерен С60.

Fullerenes are a recently discovered form of carbon that is different from previously known graphite and diamond. The most common fullerene is C60, representing a molecule of 60 atoms of carbon forming a closed spherical surface composed of regular hexagons and pentagons - a molecular analog of European football ball.

The unique structure of fullerenes provides their unique physical and chemical properties.

Currently, there are several thousands of patents on the use of fullerenes in various areas of human activity from superconductivity to pharmaceuticals.

The main feature of fullerenes is their increased reaction activity. They easily capture atoms of other substances to form materials with essentially new properties. They gave life to a new carbon stereochemistry that allows create new organic molecules on purpose, and consequently, substances with desired shapes and properties. Fullerenes can be used as “nano-bricks” for the design of materials with desired parameters.

Main areas of potential application of fullerenes

  • New classes of superconductors, semiconductors, magnetics, ferroelectrics, nonlinear optical materials.
  • New fullerene technology for synthesis of diamonds and diamond-like super-hard compounds.
  • New classes of polymers with desired mechanical, optical, electrical, magnetic properties for recording and storage of information.
  • New types of catalysts and sensors for determining the composition of liquid and gaseous media.
  • New classes of antifriction coatings and lubricants, including fluorine-containing compounds based on fullerenes.
  • New types of fuels and fuel additives.
  • Capsules for safe disposal of radioactive waste.
  • New classes of compounds for pharmacology and medicine, biology and cosmetology.

We produce and sell high quality fullerene products at prices below the international level.

The quality and purity of the fullerene products is controlled in accordance with:
Specification for TU 21 6690 3-58381082- 0001-2012
Specification for TU 21 6690 3-58381082-0002-2014

We use spectrophotometry in the ultraviolet and visible regions of the spectrum, high performance liquid and thin layer chromatography, high resolution mass spectrometry.

Content of the main substance of the fullerene C60 is 99.5%+.
Content of the main substance of the fullerene C70 is 98%+ and 99%+.
Content of the basic substance in the composition of the extract (mixture) of fullerenes: fullerene C60 - from 65 to 75%;
fullerene C70 - from 25 to 35%; higher fullerenes - C76, C78, ​​C84 - up to 3-5%.
The content of the basic substance in the composition of fullerenol C60 (OH) 24-26 is 98.8-99%

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Type of packaging - plastic containers TU 2293-005-54361852-2003.

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