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Nevsky Prospect, house 146, letter A
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Company Profile

Company name: NeoTechProduct Research & Production company, Ltd.
State Registration: NeoTechProduct, Ltd. was registered by decision # 180443 of the Registration Chamber as of 15 April, 2002
Legal address: 146, letter A, Nevsky Prospekt, Saint Petersburg, 191024 Russia
Postal address: 146, letter A, Nevsky Prospekt, Saint Petersburg, 191024 Russia
President: Sergey A. Ponedelchenko
Telephones: +7 (812) 365-41-61, +7(812) 412-31-63
E-mail: fullerenes@neotechproduct.ru
Proprietory properties: The technology of commercial production of fullerenes is based on a patent of invention of the Russian Federation # 2234457 with a priority date of 1st June 2001. Information on the arc plasma reactor developed by us is published on the site of the World Intellectual Property Organization and the European Patent Office at http://ep.espacenet.com/. Patent number is WO02096800. International application number is PCT/RU02/00083.
Scope of activities: Development of technologies for commercial production of carbon nanocluster material, fullerene black, fullerenes and their homologues. Export of the products of carbon nanotechnologies, including fullerene-containing soot with fullerene content at least 7 wt.% C60 fullerene of purity at least 99.5 wt.% and up to 99.9+ wt.%, C70 fullerene of purity 95 wt.%, 97 wt./% and 99 wt.%, fullerene extract and mixture of higher-order fullerenes. These carbon nanotechnologies rely on the experience of many years of research that had been carried out at the Plasmo-Gasdynamics laboratory of the Ioffe Institute of Physics and Technology of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
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